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Time for a new marketing mindset.



Build With A Marketing Agency Owner In Your Ear.

Future-proof your business with the
#1 essential course d
esigned for the small business owner. 

     Build a comprehensive plan that sticks

     Maximize client acquisition using social media

     Re-engage with the right target audience

     Save time with marketing automation

     Use critical data points for business growth

Transformation Stories


I was lost, thinking I had it all figured out, waiting for that magical moment when my marketing would just happen. But reality hit hard. I realized the time and opportunities I was missing out on. Weeks passed, and my marketing efforts stayed on my to-do list. The thought of losing clients kept me up at night. I tried other courses, watch as many YouTube videos as I could but nothing stuck.
Then, I found this game-changer."  



End the sleepless nights scrolling
for answers.

Stop feeling guilty about unfinished marketing to-dos. 

Spend less time comparing, more time building.

Feel confident that your marketing is paying off.


Small Business Marketing
Building & Executing A Multi-Channel Comprehensive Marketing Plan
$97 (10 Sessions + Bonus)

Session 1: Business Goals, Target Market & Branding

Session 2: Master the Art of Marketing

Session 3: Digital Marketing for Small Business

Session 4: Back to Basics with Grassroots Marketing

Session 5: Search Engine Secrets

Session 6: All About Ads

Session 7: Creating a Real Marketing Plan

Session 8: Measuring Your Success

Session 9: The Future of Marketing

Session 10: YMT Favorite Resources

Session 11 Bonus! Building Healthy Life & Business

Marketing Exercises & Guides

Unlimited Access with Updates

Digital Marketing for Small Businesses
Building & Executing Your Digital Marketing Plan
 (6 Tracks + Bonus)

TRACK 1 - Social Media
TRACK 2 - eMail Marketing
TRACK 3 - Websites
TRACK 4 - Search Engines
TRACK 5 - Paid Ads
TRACK 6 - More Marketing Methods

Exclusive Trainer Tips

Marketing Exercises & Guides

Unlimited Access with Updates

7 Day Guarantee

Take a look around for a few days to be confident in your investment!
(See terms & conditions at checkout)

YMT Advantage

Get a step-by-step plan based on my 10 years as a national marketing consultant and digital agency owner, backed by the success of 100+ small business owners I’ve helped over the years.

Your Marketing Trainer-172.jpg

From Running in Circles…

Let’s face it. Owning and running a small business is hard. Your Marketing Trainer Master Class tackles challenges head-on, no time wasted.


❌ Neglected social media profiles
❌ What ROI for ad spend
❌ Low engagement 
❌ Poor time management
❌ No brand recognition or connection

To Stepping in Confidence…

Marketing isn't a race; it's about steady monthly progress toward your goals.


🏋️ Reach new customers 

🏋️Retain customers despite price increases

🏋️ Use the right marketing tools 

🏋️ Build your social media community

🏋️ Gain valuable digital marketing knowledge

Your Marketing Trainer-111.jpg


Future-proof your business with the Marketing Trainer Advantage. 

Say goodbye to high-priced fluff courses and master plans that don’t get 

your small business struggles. You need real tips, actionable steps, 

and a practical plan. As a fellow small business owner, I empathize with 

your journey and the ever-changing landscape of consumer behavior 

in this fast-paced world. I’ve built this with you in mind because 

I’m right there with you every step of the way.

Former National Marketing Consultant

10+ years in
digital marketing

Current Digital Marketing Agency Owner

 Have helped 100+ businesses build custom plans


This course is perfect for you if…

Perhaps you're eager to learn, to gain clarity on how your money should be spent. Or maybe you're currently bootstrapping, just getting by, and need to optimize your time and budget. 


  • You are stuck getting started

  • You have doubt in your marketing 

  • You need marketing know-how for small business owner

  • You need confidence in delegating marketing

  • You have daily stress about marketing


And most importantly, you’re a badass, no-nonsense business owner ready to build a marketing plan that sticks and prove to yourself, your team, and your clients that you’re in control.

Flexible class options for your personal pace. 

This Course Will Change Your Attitude
About Marketing.

You might even love it!

Old Mindset

  • I don’t have time to email my customers

  • My customers don’t want to hear from me

  • I don’t know if my ads are even working

  • New customers will find me because I know how special my business is

  • My business doesn’t need consistent marketing

  • I can’t keep up with social media

NEW Mindset

  • Building my community will create loyal customers

  • I know when and what to post on social media

  • My emails are adding value to my customer's experience

  • I am organized and can easily delegate marketing tasks

  • Every interaction is an opportunity for growth

Stay Relevant in a Digital World


Master Class

Small Business Marketing Master Class

Building & Executing A Comprehensive Marketing Plan


10 Sessions + Bonus

Lifetime Access with Updates

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