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Stop pushing marketing 
to the bottom of your endless to-do list.



What’s an hour?
You’ll spend the same time scrolling through social media
and feeling more overwhelmed about marketing your business.

Why not make that time count? 
Join my free webinar. And make marketing easier.

Join me for a Free Marketing Webinar on June 21 at 11:00 am CST

No-BS Webinar & Group Training Session
Join, listen in, and ask me anything!

You’ll get the most crucial marketing tips to build a strong comprehensive marketing plan. Tap into my 10 years of hands-on experience working with business owners and discover the ONE strategy that has consistently helped them achieve success. 



Did you come here expecting something free? 
Forget the typical webinar opt-in dance – the endless cycle of subscribing, grabbing a freebie, and promptly unsubscribing. 

You’ll get something better than FREE. 
But let me be clear. I will not hype up the greatness of my new marketing training program and promise you overnight success in this webinar. Instead, I’ll reveal what it’s not and expose what’s wrong with digital marketing today. 

I won't waste your time explaining why digital marketing is essential
you're already well aware. No coincidence brought you here. Just as I didn't wake up one day thinking the world needed yet another free marketing webinar.

I could continue running my successful digital agency, keeping my clients happy (yes, I've guided over 50+ small businesses to their goals – but that's beside the point). I could turn a blind eye to the problem and never look back. But that would be, well, BS.

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I’m Taking BS OFF the Agenda.

An Agency Owner Gets Real...

I've experienced marketing from every angle, worked in various positions, and spent years as a national marketing consultant (again, that's not the point). From building a thriving agency and following industry "best practices,” – I've braved the marketing matrix, tripped over my own mistakes, and embraced the chaos of constant change, only to discover something so obvious. 


Have you experienced physical exhaustion to the point when lifting your arm feels impossible? - I’m there. I'm tired of the BS. 

No more empty promises or wasted investments.

Aren't you tired of the hard squeeze with no juice? 
Excuse my bluntness, but it's time for a change. 

It doesn’t matter who you are, how much money you have, or how big or small your business is. If the most basic foundation of marketing is overlooked by complex strategies and mismatched agendas, then success is not likely. 

I do not say this lightly. 

Every marketing guru will tell you the same thing – they hold the key to you achieving high business growth. It’s sort of like the lamp with 3 wishes - hella strings attached!  You can have the right marketing tools, the time, and the budget to dump into Facebook ads, but if you don’t have the most obvious thing – NONE OF THAT MATTERS. 

I’m building something BIG so you can stop wasting time, money, and energy running in circles. No BS – At the beginning and end of my days, I want to help. I don’t need to do this, but business owners need this. I am determined to change how business owners do marketing – confidently and consistently. 

In this webinar, warm up to Your Marketing Trainer with a highlight reel to the last 15 years of my life as a digital marketing, small business owner, and national marketing consultant, and BS naysayer.


It’s noisy, really freaking noisy. Can you even hear the obvious solution?


My No-Nonsense Webinar will take you back to the basics and essential strategies. No BS or fancy jargon to string you along. OF COURSE, there are complexities in digital marketing, but success starts with simple steps and consistency every month. 

You don’t hit the trail on day 1, expecting to run 20 miles.
You build strength, step by step first.



How strong is your marketing plan?

This is not a get bigger, faster, gimmick, this is just a webinar.
Warm up to My Marketing Trainer, get my Digital Marketing Highlight Reel, and skip right to exactly what you need to be doing. 
At the very least, find out how your marketing plan compares.

Join me in a live group training session where I'll guide you in building a monthly marketing plan. Boost your confidence and expertise, and take full advantage to ask questions!


Will I be sold on new 'shoes' to start training?

Cut through the clutter and join our no-nonsense marketing webinar. I won't waste your time with empty promises or fancy jargon. You won’t be asked to purchase anything to warm up to Your Marketing Trainer. I am starting something BIG, and want you there. 


But, let’s keep it real. I will keep the conversation going.
Expect email updates and training opportunities from Your Marketing Trainer. Why struggle through trial and error when you can just take steps in my shoes?

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