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Harsh Trainer Truth: Stay consistent on Social Media, or Stay Off

Harsh Trainer Truth: Stay consistent on Social Media, or Stay Off

I'm cheering you on, really, I am—your number one fan waving the biggest giant foam finger. But let’s have a heart-to-heart because sometimes a dose of tough love is just what you need to hear.

You know that saying, "If I had a nickel for every time I heard..."? Well, if I did, I'd be swimming in it.

Here’s what I hear about social media marketing:

  • I’m not getting any new followers.

  • Where are the leads I was promised?

  • I'm dishing out five-star advice for free, and what's the thanks I get?

  • Hello? Is this thing on? Because my engagement levels are a ghost town.

Let’s turn those woes into wins, shall we?

Choose Consistency Over Likes

It's been said repeatedly, but it bears repeating – real growth comes from showing up for yourself and sticking to your commitments. Sure, it's easy to put social media on the back burner, but let's not. Instead, set a simple goal—say, posting twice a week. It’s a small step that teaches you big lessons about what truly matters.

💪🏻PRO MARKETING TRAINER TIP: You don’t need to be on all the platforms, all the time. Once you nail down your audience and, discover where your leads are coming from, focus on that platform. I have consistency on Instagram and Facebook, which works for me, but you might find success on LinkedIn or TikTok success.

Committing to a routine shows you’re serious about your growth, and it helps keep those pesky social media mental health gremlins at bay. Just be consistent; it’s the low-key hero of your story. As for the master plan behind your content? We’ll pin that for another chat. For now, know that consistency is less about grand gestures and more about the quiet, steady effort that paves the way to success.

Showing up for yourself by staying consistent impacts your business but also your mental strength and resilience.

Builds Self-Confidence: Regularly keeping commitments to yourself, like maintaining a consistent presence on social media, reinforces your belief in your abilities. Each post you make is a small victory, a proof point that you can count on yourself, which boosts your self-esteem and confidence.

Creates a Sense of Control: By sticking to a plan and being consistent, you exert control over a part of your life. This can be empowering and help reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. Knowing that you are actively managing how you engage and present yourself online can provide stability and predictability.

Enhances Mood: Completing tasks, even small ones, can release dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and satisfaction. This can improve your mood and provide a sense of accomplishment. Additionally, engaging positively with others on social media can provide social support and positive reinforcement, which are beneficial for mental well-being.

All have a tremendous impact on your ability to focus on your business and push through those tough times. Consistency gives you places to lean on in times of uncertainty or setbacks. Because you will have both. It’s just what all the greats have experienced.

Challenges to Stay Consistent

Per usual, I’ve got to keep it real. It's one thing to coach others to stay on the straight and narrow with their content game – I've got that down to an art form. But when it comes to my advice? Let's just say, 'do as I say, not as I do' was my unofficial motto for a hot minute. Especially in the service biz, where it's client-first, twenty-four-seven. But here’s a little nugget of wisdom: when you start treating yourself with the same VIP status you give your clients, the game changes.

  • Creating Content (all the time) – Now, whipping up that killer content on the reg? It's no walk in the park. You're juggling the catchy copy with those eye-popping visuals, all while trying to be the Picasso of Canva. And let’s not even start on lead generation – you’re out here trying to turn those digital handshakes into long-term relationships, all while keeping an eye on the scoreboard.

  • Keeping Up With Trends – Just when you think you've sorted it, bam! The trend train speeds off in a new direction. Today's viral sensation is tomorrow's old news. It's like trying to hit a moving target while blindfolded. Consistency is the trend that stays.

  • Real Leads and Growth – Generating high-quality leads is one thing, but the real kicker is gauging their long-term value. It's about ensuring that the leads you attract aren't just passing through, but are here to stay, boosting not just your numbers, but your business's growth and retention.

So, if you're bootstrapping it, wearing all the hats, and counting every penny, shelling out big bucks for a content wizard might not be in the cards. But here’s the kicker: barter your brilliance or think outside the box. Time-crunch? Network. Collaborate. Maybe you've got skills another hustler needs, and vice versa. Get inventive, and remember, your message has a spot on the social stage – make it count.

What’s The Worst That Could Happen?

Oh, let’s paint the picture. Your dream client finally lands on your profile, and what do they find? A digital tumbleweed rolling by your last post from a month ago. Cue the dramatic gasp. If you're treating your posting schedule like a forgotten New Year's resolution, you're not just losing the race, you’re not even at the starting line. Keep it regular, keep it fresh, or that ideal client will find you.

Let’s keep going. I need this to land today. Why? Because I lived that life for my own business. I know what it takes to break bad habits and to get aligned and in a groove to post and create content consistently. So what else can happen?

  • Loss of Trust? More like, 'Who are you again?' When you pop into your audience's feed as often as a leap year, don't be shocked when they forget you're even there. Consistency is Queen, and without it, you're just another joker in the deck.

  • Perception of Abandonment is the new ghosting. You wouldn't leave someone hanging in the middle of a high-five, so why go AWOL on your socials? If you're not showing up, your audience will find someone else who does. Regular posts keep the high-fives coming.

  • Decreased Visibility is the equivalent of being the wallflower at the party. If you're not shaking things up regularly, you're blending into the wallpaper. And let’s be real, the algorithm won't ask you to dance if you're not on the dance floor.

  • Inconsistency is the noisy eater of professionalism—it's just bad form. Your brand's got to walk the talk with the poise of a pageant queen and the reliability of a 90s sitcom rerun (90201 Anyone?). Stand out for the right reasons, not because your posting schedule is unpredictable.

  • Strategic Disadvantages are for those flying by the seat of their pants. A game plan is your style guide—it keeps things sleek, chic, and far from bleak. Don't let your social media pages look like they dressed in the dark.

My top 3 tips for staying consistent on any Social Media Platform.

I’ll leave you with my top 3 tips for committing and staying consistent on social media.

  1. Change your Perspective – Why do you not value your business like your clients? Your clients will have more respect for you when they see you slaying the social game. And maybe even refer more clients to you.

  2. Have a realistic sit down with your schedule – What time of the day could you create and or post? How many days can you realistically post? If you are going from 0, maybe start with once a week. If you are already there, it’s time to level it up. And then block it off. Put a nice note in the calendar invite, so your block of “social time” kicks off with some positivity.

  3. Create Content for a month – Sounds nutzo, right? Well, not really. Take a look at your content strategy, and market positioning. Then group content ideas for a month and start creating. If it doesn’t matter where just do it. There’s user-friendly technology that makes the creation easy.

I hope this Harsh Trainer Truth #1 hits you hard and clarifies you. If you just focus on consistency, the rest will follow.

I’m consistent on Instagram and Facebook. Want to continue the conversation about my behind-the-scenes tips on these two platforms?


Lindsay, Your Head Marketing Trainer

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