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Think Fast, Market Better: 5 Brain Boosting Tips

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Think Fast, Market Better: 5 Brain Boosting Tips

Alright, rockstar business owners, lean in. Here’s the scoop – I am untangling the relationship between exercise and brain health from my perspective as an agency owner, marketing trainer, small business owner, and certified trainer. Juggling all of this, a commonality between you and me, well no one ever said running your own business was easy, but the one thing I swear by and what I now call my secret weapon is exercise.

Have you ever had one of those days where everything is flowing? You are whipping through tasks, and by lunchtime, you’ve checked off a full day’s to-do list. Feels pretty good right? How the heck did I become this efficient? And how do I make this a regular thing? You can bet your last dollar that they're fueled by a brain that's been pampered with some good ol' physical activity. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not claiming to be a health expert so when I share these brain-boosting tips, it's not just from the perspective of a marketer. It's the advice of someone who has sweated it out in both the gym and behind the screen masterminding content strategy and marketing plans for clients.

Join me on a quick read to better understand brain health, the impact of exercise, and tips on how to boost your brain health during your jam-packed days.

Spoiler – it’s not just about flexing those muscles but flexing that gray matter upstairs. Personally, the mental benefits have always fueled my drive, shaping both my training regimen and my current work.

The Science Behind Exercise and Brain Health

Dust off those science goggles; it's nerd time. So here's the deal: When you exercise, it’s not just your muscles getting a workout. It enhances the blood flow to the brain, delivering all oxygen and nutrients to boost your cognitive function. Your brain is basically having a spa day with the increased blood flow. Imagine, every step you take, every move you make is like giving your brain a mini-massage. In case you are unfamiliar with massage, one of the primary benefits is to improve circulation. And those post-workout cheek-boosting smiles? Thanks to endorphins. They're like a happy-hour cocktail for your brain, minus the hangover.

Then there's neurogenesis. In layman's terms? There are certain parts of the brain that continue to produce new neurons, specifically in the hippocampus region which is responsible for learning and memory. While it's often believed that learning becomes tougher as we age, it's not entirely a sealed deal. What's a game-changer for promoting neurogenesis? You guessed it – physical exercise.

Physical exercise is a game-changer for your brain, offering a slew of benefits that range from warding off the mental fog to reducing inflammation, and enhancing resilience to injury. Regular exercise for mental clarity is like buying an insurance policy against the brain's version of rusting. If we compare it to running your business – it’s like guaranteeing yourself the time to take that vacation or whisk the kiddos to that new movie, all without a second thought about time constraints or stress.

Got your attention now, huh?

Why Mental Sharpness is Crucial: For you and me

Let’s go back to that day when things are flowing, and hesitation is completely removed – let’s call it productivity. Instead of “being busy”, being productive is the game changer.

As a digital marketer, staying up with the latest technology, consumer trends, and ever-changing algorithms is just part of the gig. Just like with exercise you've got to stay in the game (your marketing and business game) to keep that muscle activated (aka get results). In my world, being “busy” and being “productive” have two very different outcomes, and the business owners that I work with can feel it. And the reality check: Even the smartest algorithms won't save you if your brain's running on empty.

For small business owners, between managing inventory, cultivating client relationships, balancing books, and maybe even dabbling in a bit of marketing yourself, your brain's juggling more than a Starbucks barista during the morning rush hour. Mental sharpness isn't just a luxury; it's the lifeblood of a business's success. Forget the physical storefront or digital platform for a second; your most valuable business asset sits right between your ears.

Reality check for both: The fanciest marketing tools or the most sophisticated business strategies will fall flat if your cognitive engine sputters. Whether you're crafting the next viral campaign or strategizing your business's expansion, keeping that brain razor-sharp? Well, that's the real secret sauce, and it's entirely up to you.

Can we call it staying sharp and snappy for success?! Let’s take a look at the more relatable benefits of brain health.

  • Improved Sleep: Ever tried counting sheep, only to end up with a flock of insomnia? We’ve all been there - making real good friends with the ceiling. Here's the scoop: physical activity is like nature's lullaby. Break a sweat during the day, and come night, you're not just hitting the sheets—you're diving deep into dreamland. Remember, a well-rested brain isn't just pretty (bye-bye, under-eye bags), it's sharper and ready to conquer.

  • Improved Mood: Exercise stimulates the release of endorphins, often termed "feel-good" hormones. Let’s level up – life’s endless ups and downs of emotions can get intense. But here's a secret mood booster—exercise! Working out releases those fabulous endorphins, the body's VIP "feel-good" hormones. Save the sulking for a rainy day and enjoy the endorphin high more often after a good workout. Who knows what brilliant business idea might come out of a good mood?

  • Stress relief: If stress were a person, we'd all want a restraining order. The bad news? Stress hormones, like adrenaline and cortisol, are sneaky and terrible for your brain. The good news? Exercise is like your personal bouncer, showing stress to the door and protecting that precious noggin, especially the ever-so-vital hippocampus that regulates the stress. Remember, also where new neurons are generated.

  • Enhanced Creativity: Feeling creatively bankrupt? Well, you might not find inspiration sitting on that couch. Boosting creativity with exercise and loving your body can be the key to unlocking that cerebral treasure trove. So, next time you’re in a creative rut, remember: your best ideas might be just a workout away.

  • Increased energy levels: Here’s that catch 22. In order to get more energy to work out, you’ve got to keep it moving. You can down all the espresso shots in the world, but nothing wakes you up like a dose of exercise. The caffeine is actually just putting your mind and body into a constant fight or flight. Swap that caffeine jitter for a natural high, and watch as your energy levels soar, making those challenging tasks look like child's play.

5 Brain Boosting Tips

So want in on my brain boosting tips? Here’s how I supercharge my noggin:

1.Take Short Breaks

Whether it's on your calendar or through a nifty alarm, tech's got your back. There are days where my chair feels like a magnet, but those reminders? Game-changers.

2. Desk exercises

Desk Moves Whether it's lunges, a post-call stroll, squats, or a spontaneous dance fest—get moving. Fun fact: I've got a treadmill in my office. That’s my commitment to making sure I move.

3. Be Mindful of Posture

How are you sitting right now? A tiny adjustment in your chair or desk setup can make a world of difference to your focus and blood flow. Here’s a helpful article on ergonomics.

4. Exercise and enjoy it

Love pickleball? Dancing? Golf? Turn exercise into your playtime. Dive into your hobby; you never know, you might just chat up a like-minded future client while you’re at it.

5. Put it on your work calendar

Pop those workouts onto your business calendar. If your team sees it, even better. You're leading by example, showing that exercise isn't a sideline—it's core business.


Zoom fatigue? That's so in 2022. While face-to-face chats have their place, they shouldn't be an all-the-time thing. Mixing business with a brisk walk? Now that's where sparks fly. So, next time you've got a client or vendor call, why not take it on a stroll?

BUT…I just don’t have time

Oh, you think you're the only time-strapped superstar? Newsflash: We're all juggling hectic schedules. But here's some straight talk from Your Marketing Trainer: Carve out time for yourself and your business to exercise. Because trust me, if you don't, someone else will plop their meeting right in that precious slot. Just like your business, you are the one who cares the most. Treat your brain health just like that and watch your business take off.

Overcoming the Time Excuse:

  • Rethink Priorities: Just had a marathon day? Even more reason to move and recharge.

  • Find Your Joy: Discover an activity you adore, so it feels like a treat, not a chore.

  • Stay Consistent: Think of it like your social posting routine. Consistency is key!

Start Moving Today!

You've totally got this! And guess what? I’m right here, cheering you on every step of the way. I get it, genuinely. Committing to exercise is challenging. But hey, as Your Marketing Trainer and a comrade in the small business trenches, I've been there. Think of it this way: just as you've built your business and crafted that marketing strategy, start today, make a change, and strive for better brain health.

And if you're just kickstarting that marketing journey? Let's connect and make some magic!


Lindsay, Your Head Marketing Trainer

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